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The Company: Aquinas Education Ltd

Aquinas Education...

Aquinas Education is the most unique education recruitment agency in the UK. We specialise in sourcing, supplying and supporting all of our supply staff on a very personal level, making sure they share the same objectives and ethos we strive to give in our unique approach.

The name 'Aquinas Education' arose from the Patron Saint of Education Saint Thomas Aquinas. 

Our ethos is quite simple; we strongly promote ambition within schools and education environments. We want to promote the positive meaning of the words "to be Ambitious".

You only have to turn on the news or pick up a newspaper to read the negative press given to children of all ages. This is where we come in, not only by supplying the best teachers and support staff on a supply basis, but by giving back to schools offering a reward scheme for continued support and also offering positive role models for children to look up to. Working within the education sector we believe schools deliver a very high standard of teaching to its pupils and we endeavor to work alongside these high standards helping to promote positive ambition and high levels of teaching on the supply basis. 

Meet the Team:

Profile: Jermaine Jenas

Jermaine Jenas is a partner with Aquinas Education. Jermaine grew up in Nottingham and realises the importance of education through his own experiences and beliefs, therefore when asked to get involved with such a business opportunity Jermaine jumped at the chance.

"Education is very important, when I was growing up I always enjoyed school and wanted to do well in my exams. I know the importance education has on a child and how sometimes ambition and aspirations within children are not always achieved. Aquinas and myself have the opportunity to show children that they can achieve and do well through education, and that is our main aim!"


Profile: Craig Anderson

Craig Anderson has worked within education and recruitment for several years and has covered the whole of the East Midlands. Craig is another partner within Aquinas Education and has helped build the company to become one of the most unique bespoke education consultancies in the market .

"Through my experience within education, I knew we could make a real difference. We stand out from every other agency because we generally care about our schools, candidates and the children. Not only do we offer the best personalised service to each and every school we work with and ensure our supply staff are extremely happy but we make sure Aquinas are making a real difference in the community. This can be seen in our many fund raising events, helping schools to push ambition within their pupils and also our continuing Aquinas Foundation charity projects."


The Team


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Max Pembleton


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